Vice President

Faith Jaudon 

1049 Ralph Rahn Rd

Rincon, Ga 31326

912-429-3695 cell

E-Mail faithjau7@aol.com 


Gail Colson

945 Sinkhole Rd.

Registor, Ga. 30452

912-852-5124 home

912-515-0294 cell

E-Mail bbbbbees@gmail.com


Harold Ward

101 S Woodland Dr

Guyton, Ga. 31312

912-728-4101 home

912-663-6375 cell

E-Mail beekeeper.5@netzero.net

Board Member

Bobby Colson

945 Sinkhole Road

Registor, GA 30452

912-852-5124 Home

912-515-0294 Cell

E-Mail bbbbbees@gmail.com

Board Member

Dewayne Jaudon

1049 Ralph Rahn Rd

Rincon, Ga 31326

912-429-0759 cell

E-Mail jdewayne5@aol.com

Purpose:  Our purpose is to

further the knowledge of

Honey Bees.  We are a local

group of fellow bee keepers

from the surrounding counties

and communities of the Coastal

area and Low Country.  As a

hobbyist or commercial

beekeeper, together, we can

better understand this

superorganism and how it 

interacts with our environment.

Meetings: CEBA meets on the second Monday night, 06:30 PM, of each month.  We have experienced an attendance of 60-70 people attending in February and March of this year alone!  The interest in beekeeping continues to grow as a result of our Oatland Island Fundamentals of Beekeeping we hold each year.  We invite members and visitors to come learn more about this exciting hobby.  We have started new this year a social time from 06:30 -07:00 PM in order for members and visitors to gather information from recipes to supply catalogs and to talk about beekeeping.  We are also serving a light food tray and coffee during this time.  We hold a club meeting from 7:00 PM to 07:45 PM, followed by a 30-45 minute teaching demonstration or a guest speaker for the evening.  Our club is also holding a raffle each meeting where you can win hive tools, books, donated honey from locals, and much more for $1 a ticket.  Please come join us and let us help you get started!

Location: Kelly’s Tours on

HWY 80 on the southside of

US 80 between GA 307

Dean Forest RD and GA

Farmers Market

Membership:   Membership

is open to the public, anyone

may join our organization.

Officers and Board of Directors: 


Greg Stewart

124 St Ives Way

Savannah, Ga. 31419

912-961-9501 home

912-704-3160 cell

E-Mail grstewart@bellsouth.net

Board Member

Annie Quinting

711 Sandtown Road

Savannah, GA 31410

912-395-1509 Work

912-677-7165 Cell

E-Mail annie.quinting@sccpss.com